4 Things To Know On The Markets Today

Listed below the 4 most important things to know on the market today. Be prepared to surf the wave after the ECB’s rate cut decision this Tuesday.


U.K.’s got a new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is being confirmed as UK prime minister at the palace and focus is turning to who will be in his cabinet.

After his win he told his collegues that Britain will leave the European Union before the 31st of October. The GBP is pretty much back to where it was before yesterday’s result were announced.


FAANG at risk

US Justice Department said it’s investigating whether dominant technology companies are thwarting competition in their markets. No name were reported, but Facebook Inc. was among the FAANGs whose shares declined.

On the other hand chipmakers hit by trade war has shown signals that a slump in orders for electronic components may end soon.


ECB main actor on the stage

Attention start turning to ECB’s rate decision tomorrow. Eurozone purchasing manager indexes are the final economic statistics.

After the International Money Fund reduced its global growth outlook again on Tuesday.


What about the Deustche Bank?

Deutsche Bank AG reported second-quarted trading revenue that fell short of estimates, while Daimler Ag’s sales looked like a beat.

French luxury-goods merchants LVMH and Christian Dior, along with U.K. drug giant GlaxoSmithKline Plc, are also joining today’s earnings party.



Source: Bloomberg




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July 24, 2019
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